The Blue Rose: Artful craftsmanship that makes a difference…

Craft, if it wants to possess quality, is not just a question of skill. First and foremost of all it is what is in the head and heart of the craftsman that decides the quality of the craft and of that what is created. What we allow ourselves to think, feel and do in the work proces is of vital importance because it  becomes part of the final result. A painted wall, as an example, can literally embody and radiate love, because love or “soul” has been put into it. And as such this can enhance the people that are exposed to it.

In the world today economics rule the work process far to often. Many craftsmen work hard to make as much money as possible in relation to a minimum of time and effort. If on top of this stress comes into the picture, or boredom, or “being unsatisfied with life and work”, then this become embodied in the produced result. As such the attitude we have in the Blue Rose is of key importance. We stand for craftsmanship that involves not just the “head”, but also the” heart”, and that brings back “soul” into the work. We want to do a decent and honorable job we can feel proud about, which involves honest principles, clean dealings, fair prices and love for the work we do.

It is only after this where skill comes into the picture. A room can, as an example, inspire creativity, if the craftsman knows what exact colors and color combinations, what form and shapes, materials and dimensions have this effect. Specific functional environments can be created, that as an example, enhance the art of conversation, stimulate clear decision making or cause a state of inner peace. And last, but not least, working- and living ecologies can be created through conscious know-how that can bring out the best in each individual or group.

The Blue Rose has all of this, and more, on offer. As such, we feel we can make a difference and we can offer that invisible but tangible “extra”, not just in our crafts, but in your world as well. Care to try us?