About us

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About us: We are a network of independant crafts(wo-)men that put “soul” into the work we do and hopefully in the life of our customers as well! Our field of expertise is huge and it involves professional educated craftsmen in different fields of expression.

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The Blue rose consists, apart from others working part-time in our network, out of the following core people:

Marcus Antonius Stolk:

IMG_0353Mark Stolk is born on the 27th of July 1964 in Delft, Holland. He got his B.A. degree in drawing and design on the art academy of Rotterdam, followed by a B.A. degree in art history and teaching art on the art academy in Utrecht. In 1992 he moved to Denmark, where he worked for more than 12 years as a restauration painter, house painter and decorative carpenter. Mark has had many international exhibitions with his paintings (see www.markstolk.com) and he gives regular courses in classical painting techniques which involves marbling techniques, trompe l´oeil (3D effects) and painting portrait. His great passion is the influence of color and he can be considered as one of Europe´s leading color experts (see www.colourmarks.com). He has written various articles on the influence of color and design that have appeared in (inter-) national magazines such as the Journal for Consciousness Exploration and Research, Liv og Sjæl, Topaz and Feminenza and he has given lectures and workshops in Kenya, Swiss, Germany, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Holland and Denmark. Mark currently lives in Mern, Sjælland.

Betina Molin:

2014-08-31 22.31.58Betina Vicki Molin is born on the 12th of February 1983. She started her education as house painter in the year 2000 and she got her certificate of completed apprenticeship with Dhb painter Birgitte Hermann. Betina has worked for several painting firms (Painter Holger Jensen&Son in Dalby and painter Hans Peter Hansen in Præstø) and she has been involved in many different projects involving a broad variety of skills, from renovation painting to painting new buildings. Apart from this Betina has taken courses in Classical painting techniques such as marbling and portrait.

Klaus Jørgensen:

Klaus Jørgensen is born on the 19th of Januar 1963. Klaus is a man with a long standing experience in designing and building houses. Some of the projects he has been involved in and which he has been responsible for are: The restauration of half-timbered houses, the design and building of two straw bale houses, a 130 square meter clinker-built house, a house boat and alternative rocket- and bench ovens, the building of new houses in wood and gas concrete and changing trailors into “whole year living” houses. He has as well worked as a professional gardener, in projects like trimming trees, creating kitchen gardens to the building of fire huts and stone paths. In village project Åbakkehuse Klaus has been responsible for the design of the whole local building planning in the area and he has been the leader in making ten building grounds and roads ripe for development.