Decorative painting: Marbling, gilding, wall paintings and trompe l´oeil (3D)

In the Blue Rose we do have a long-standing experience with decorative painting and creating illusional effects in spaces. One of the things we do is marbling, and here we often use the classical marble types Vert du Mer, Carrara, Sienna and Rouge Royal. Combined with 3D effects, this can give any room a feeling of stature and depth.

marbling    marbling
marbling    marblingmarbling

Wall paintings (or any other kind of painting) is something we master, whether it is using perspective depth, landscapes, portraits or funny illustrations for children rooms.  No matter if you are a private person or a business or an institution, we are sure that we can give you the effects that you want and are looking for!

  Illums - wallpainting  Martin Hall    wall painting Princess Marie, Prince Joakim og Prince Henrik 002_MG_2909IMG_2353IMG_2327IMG_2356