Design Council and advice / color tests

In the Blue Rose we can give you the council and advice you need when you decide to built, renovate, or just improve part of the ecology you live or work in. Council and advice on the effect and influence of materials, dimensions, colours, shapes, lights, and the economical and creative usage of space. A chat with one of us, who is familiar with the territory, can give new perspectives and insights and assist in providing new creative solutions, especially when the budget is limited!

Apart from this, we can assist you in creating ecologies that are “energy” enhanced, and that limit coarse static radiation, such as the radiation of computers and other electrical equipment. In a time and age where our ether is more and more polluted with electrical signals, creating “signal and human” friendly environments is of prime importance for our well being.

Color tests we have developed can assist you as well in finding out how to strenghten the qualities you are looking for in yourself, your family or business through the improvements you want to do in your environment.(for more info visit ).Apart from this we can show you simple techniques in order to keep your environment “electrically” clean and enhanced.Picture tents