Professional house painting

Some of us in the Blue Rose are highly professional educated painters with years of experience in painting. This does not only include regular indoor and outdoor painting, and everything it involves from plastering, to wall paper, putting up felt and so much more….but also painting in old-fashioned techniques with vegetable oil paints such as linseed oil or paints based on a vegetable- or bone glue basis, as well as the making of our own paints with pigment powders.IMG_0609

In the Blue Rose we are experts on colour and how colours influence eachother in changing light circumstances, on different surfaces and in different dimensions. We know that a small piece of coloured paper on a colour fan, will look very different when put on a big wall. We know how to optically create larger or smaller spaces, how to get a “to high ceiling down or a to low one up”. Apart from this we have a huge experience in artificial lighting as well and which lamps where to put up in a space to cause a desired effect in relation to fields of colour.

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We know how colours, colour nuances and colour combinations influence us, physically, emotionally and mentally. Our research into the effect and influence of colour is enormous, and we can proudly say that we are most likely the most professional painting company in Europe in this area. We have written many articles on this subject, we organized big colour exhibitions on the effect of colour and we have lectured and given many workshops on this topic on an international basis. We can therefore give you excellent advice what colours to use to promote certain functions and qualities in your home or business, such as the quality of “deciscion making”, or the quality of “conversation” or “inner peace”. We use individual and group colour tests as well, to find out which colours and colour combinations strenghten a person or group of people.

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